Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy graduated from Queens University with a Bachelor of Science and Physical Therapy in 1998. She returned to Thunder Bay and has worked in the acute care setting and outpatient orthopedics at McKellar Hospital and TBRHSC. She joined our team as an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist at the Rapid Access Clinic in 2012.

The Advanced Practice Physiotherapist role has provided her the opportunity to work with an incredibly skilled and cohesive orthopaedic team to decrease wait times, provide timely access and quality care over multiple sites. In her new role as the Rapid Access Clinical Coordinator, she is responsible for triaging and prioritizing referrals for all of Northwestern Ontario through a centralized intake model.

Clients with hip and knee arthritis have benefited greatly with education from the team members, conservative management, surgical interventions at sites close to home, and monitoring post joint replacement.

It is an exciting time in orthopedic care at TBRHSC. The Musculoskeletal Centre of Excellence has expanded into a new space and the team continues to grow.

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