The Regional Joint Assessment Centre gets you on the right treatment path faster.

Thousands of people in Northwestern Ontario know how debilitating pain due to knee and hip injuries can be. The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre established the Regional Joint Assessment Centre (RJAC) to reduce wait times for referral appointments and assessment. Our comprehensive program guides you through the process from initial consultation to surgery (if required), recovery, and rehabilitation. We consistently meet the wait time standards set by the Canadian Orthopaedic Association and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care so you can get on with your life faster.

If surgery is not a good option for you, your care team will discuss alternative treatments with you.

Ask your family physician or primary care provider about getting a referral to our program. If you don’t have a primary care provider, you can get a referral from any walk-in clinic in the region. (Click here for a list of Thunder Bay clinics or click here to search for walk-in clinics in your community on the Ontario 211 website.)

The Low Back Pain Program

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is home to a pilot program called the Low Back Pain Program. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the program is designed to reduce wait times for patients who need low back pain assessments. The Interprofessional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC) is now accepting referrals from primary care providers.  To learn more about ISAEC, please visit the ISAEC website here.

Spine Program Central Intake

In an effort to build a program that is more responsive to patients’ needs for timely service and to support Primary Care Practitioners in accessing that care on their patients’ behalf, we have transitioned to a Central Intake for Spine Referrals. As a result, we are no longer accepting direct referrals for neurosurgery or orthopedic spine consultations. Beginning Monday March 4th, any spine consult referrals previously sent to the office of Dr. Marchuk, Dr. Haq, Dr. McCluskey, Dr. Marion or Dr. Puskas will be faxed to the Spine Central Intake at 1-844-497-2445.

What is the difference between the Spine Program Central Intake and ISAEC Low Back Pain Program?

The current combined centralized intake model does not include the initial assessment by the Advanced Practice Provider (APP). The ISAEC program will exist within the centralized intake. We will continue to provide assessment for all ISAEC referrals and the ISAEC referral form is still to be used for those patient sub-types within the comprehensive Spine Program. Non-ISAEC spine program referrals will by-pass the Assessment Centre and are routed direct to surgeon. If the surgeon reviews the referral and deems the patient does not require a spine surgical consult, the referral may be declined.

We expect the Spine Program will evolve to provide an Assessment component. The centralized intake will provide us with the necessary data to work towards the expansion of Spine with the assessment component. As this evolves we will continue to work with primary care givers to be able to provide necessary non operative strategies without reducing access to patients that are surgical candidates.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

For patients undergoing hip/knee replacement surgery

PROMs can be completed on any electronic device that has internet access (ie. desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, cellphone, etc). You can access you PROMs by clicking on the following link and providing your Health Card Number (only numerical) or Medical Record number: