Referral Process

Referral Process – RJAC

All patients must be referred to the Regional Joint Assessment Centre (RJAC) by a primary care provider (family physician or nurse practitioner) or another physician. Patients can provide their care provider with the link above or a printed copy of this page. For questions about the referral process, please call: (807) 684-6965 or 1-833-706-9417.

Once we have received a referral, we will contact the patient with appointment details. Appointments are usually booked within four weeks of the initial referral.

Information for Health Care Providers

Referral Form

Click here to download the referral form

Please fax referrals to the Regional Joint Assessment Centre (RJAC) at: 1-844-497-2445

(Please note that this fax line serves as a centralized intake line for all four RJAC clinics in Northwestern Ontario. Your patients may choose the most convenient clinic for them – please indicate in the space provided in the “Preferred Site” box on the referral form.)

Referral Process

Patients must be referred by a physician or other primary care provider such as a nurse practitioner. Referral forms must include the following:

  • Medication and medical history. List current medications or attach a medication profile including non-prescription and herbal medications. Please include any relevant medical history (cardiac, renal, etc.) and test results.
  • Send X-rays with the patient that have been taken within the last three (3) months and include the following views:
    • For knee assessment: Standing AP, lateral and skyline of affected knee
    • For hip assessment: Ortho pelvis, AP and shoot-through lateral of affected hip
  • Completed referral forms can be faxed to: 1-844-497-2445

Other Information

  • We will contact the patient with the appointment details. All results will be faxed back to the referring primary care provider.
  • The interprofessional health team assesses the patient and assists the patient in determining the best personalized treatment plan which may include non-surgical and surgical choices.
  • The health team includes an orthopaedic surgeon and advanced practice physiotherapists.

The goals of this model of care for total joint assessments:

  • Triage patients to a specialty service
  • Provide innovative case management for osteoarthritis
  • Provide information and education about osteoarthritis, pain management, falls prevention, safe physical activity, community resources, and related topics
  • Deliver interprofessional team-based care
  • Design a care plan for non-surgical candidates as appropriate

Referral Process – ISAEC

Referral to the Inter-Professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC) rapid access clinic at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is available to those primary care providers who are registered with the program. As of this writing, the program is moving from pilot project status. Onboarding of care providers to the ISAEC program is in the process of transferring to the LHINs.

Registration Letters

Referral Forms (for Health Care Providers)

For up-to-date information about referrals, please visit: