About Us

The Regional Joint Assessment Centre

We are located at:

Medical Centre Suite 101
984 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 7C7

We also offering services through our Satellite program in Dryden, Ontario.

These services are located at

Dryden Specialty Clinic
Dryden Regional Health Centre
58 Goodall Street
Dryden, Ontario
P8N 2Z6

Meet Our Team

The Regional Joint Assessment Centre (RJAC):

helps adults with hip and knee problems that cause pain and difficulty moving. The Program was developed as part of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Wait List strategy to improve access to joint replacement surgery and improve the care of osteoarthritis

One of the main reasons that people have hip or knee pain is from arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and usually happens in weight bearing joints such as the hips and knees

What is really exciting about the program is that it provides “one stop shopping” for patients. Find out more here

If your knee or hip pain is stopping you from doing the activities you enjoy, we can help. Our goal is to work with you so that you can stay active and manage your pain. If you think you need to be seen for a hip or knee problem, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can refer you to the program.

ISAEC – Interprofessional Spine Assessment And Education Clinics

Patients with Low Back Pain can be referred by their primary care provider to ISAEC. Patients will be seen by an Advanced Practice Spine Clinician within 2 weeks of being referred. Patients will receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. If they require further imaging such as MRI or referral to a spine specialist, this will be arranged for them in a timely manner.

Patients are fully covered by OHIP.

Download a copy of our patient brochure.